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The Company was established in 1970, by Dr. Cengiz Yurtoğlu, under the name of Yurtoğlu Pharmaceuticals and continued its operations in manufacturing and marketing /selling pharmaceutical products. Dr. Yurtoğlu believed that medicine is directly related to human health; therefore he made great efforts to reduce the medicine prices in our country. 

Since its early days of organization, Yurtoğlu Pharmaceuticals has adopted the following principles "protecting national interest", "quality", "sustainability" and "providing affordable products".

In 1998, Terra Pharmaceuticals took over the licenses previously owned by Yurtoğlu Pharma. Within the scope of the same basic principles, Terra Pharmaceuticals operates in the field of human medicine development, production, sales and marketing by focusing on different treatment groups.

Aiming for holding its quality on par with the top levels of international standards, Terra Pharmaceuticals produces its products in compliance with the product purposes, legal regulations and the current good manufacturing rules (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the Company provides its services with its 8 Regional Directorates and 75 employees located throughout the country.

In addition to constantly updating all departments within its structure in accordance with the contemporary conditions, Terra Pharmaceuticals is a company that values human health above anything else. Terra Pharmaceuticals focuses on the human health in the foreground, looks to the future with hope, contributes to the country's economy, with 100% domestic capital company. DMY Electronic Investments incorporated Terra Pharmaceuticals into its own structure by becoming a partner in 2013. DMY still continues its investments, operations and activities in various fields such as; construction, medicine, tourism, real estate, electronics, electricity, energy, automation, marine etc.

Our Treatment Areas

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Terra Products

Since its establishment in 1998, Terra Pharmaceuticals has been serving for human health with a range of medicines including 21 trade names, all of which are used for the treatment of common diseases.

In order to meet the treatment needs of the patients, Terra Pharmaceuticals has been conducting the production of medicines in 32 trade forms, used in the therapeutic fields such as dermatology, endocrine system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, respiratory system and vitamins-minerals. 

Terra Pharmaceuticals products are manufactured in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice which ensures high quality. In addition to its main production facility, Myfarma Pharmaceuticals, the company engages in business partnerships with leading companies in domestic and foreign markets regarding production.


Rational Drug Use

  • Human Rights relating to health include equal access to adequate health care related services and the highest attainable standard of health. Based on equality principle WHO has reached the conclusion that the access to medicines must be regarded as an integral part of long-term drug policies. From a broader perspective, this issue has been considered as part of the overall health policy.
    Utilization of incorrect, unnecessary, ineffective yet expensive drugs creates serious problems around the globe. To list a few; increased morbidity and mortality, increased adverse drug events, increased wastage of scarce resources due to misuse of drugs, increased economic and social costs of treatment based on the development of resistance against drugs used as fundamental and in the emergency. For these reasons, various solutions have been generated and developed around the world. In this context, programmes to promote "Rational Drug Use" have been initiated in the world.

    Terra Pharmaceuticals supports "Rational Drug Use".




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